Wanderlust is an exhibition space and a playground designed for toddlers and families that includes the youngest museum goers to the context of museums and their culture. The Story Museum is an inspiring immersive interactive space located in the heart of Oxford dedicated to children’s literature. I had an opportunity to work with them and design a mock up of the toddlers space.

Wanderlust (which means strong desire for travelling and wondering) is an immersive multi-sensory environment designed to enhance toddlers learning processes. From the age zero to three children learn about the world surrounding them and develop their senses. Playing is crucial for toddler’s development process: it is not only telling them about physical aspects of the world such as textures, sounds, moving objects, colours and patterns but also teaches problem solving, social skills, creative thinking and self-control.

Design of the space states that there is no age to play and invites everyone to participate, be creative and playful. Thus, the scale and activities are designed to involve the whole family inviting everyone to play and create deep and meaningful relationships as well as positive early experiences in exhibition context growing a new generation of museums goers.


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