Bachelor’s Dissertation

The thesis is an exploration of escapism in postmodern culture, design and architecture. The research is based on the primary question “Why escape?” looks deeper into different possibilities what escapism might be and why is it so present in Western culture and customs.

The dissertation explores philosophy of entertainment and escapism and how it merged into everyday lives, social order and city planning. For instance, one of the first examples of Epicurean philosophy are Roman circuses built to distract from everyday struggles.

The work also investigates non written social rules present in the spaces for escape such as bars, clubs and shopping malls. Why escape also examines psychological aspects of escapism, fight or flight theory and social norms created around it.


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Theses in Form Exhibition at the London College of Communication, UAL

Finally, psychological aspects, social rules and philosophical theories reflect in design and city planning of our everyday environments and as a last exercise I examine how entertainments and escapism places are built and designed for escape.

The theses was handwritten on 150 postcards from different places. The work has been selected to be developed into an installation for Theses in Form exhibition. Why Escape transformed into an immersive installation where visitors were invited to sit on a beach and listen to the stories from someone who escaped and maybe dream a little about all those places you could visit if you only escaped for a little while…


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In collaboration with Arturas Bondarciukas

Images by Kajsa Leon-Lilja