I am a spatial designer and storyteller who designs experiences and tells stories through spaces. I collaborate with museums and cultural institutions to create participatory learning environments that connect visitors with history, science, and culture.

My practice is based on in-depth research on exhibition subjects. I communicate complex scientific and historical concepts to wide audiences through information systems, gamification, and interaction design. I aim to elicit a sense of curiosity and encourage visitors to deepen their knowledge, ask questions, and feel a sense of belonging to museums and cultures.



Exhibition Design:

  • “Observatory of Ideas”: Permanent exposition at Vilnius University Museum.
  • “Lituanica: To Dream and To Conquer” at the Lithuania Theater, Music and Cinema Museum, 2023.
  • “Let Us Mourn the Fall Of Prussia” at the Lithuania Theater, Music and Cinema Museum, 2023.
  • “Healing Wounds of Soul” at Vilnius University, participating in the project “Identity on the Line” by Creative Europe, 2022.

Interaction Design:

  • “German Street” at the Vilnius Museum, 2022.
  • “Unrealised Projects in Vilnius from the 20th Century” at the Vilnius Museum, 2021.
  • “Inside the Sarcophagus: Studying the Mummies of Ancient Egypt” at the National Museum of Lithuania, 2021.

Research and Co-Design Projects:

  • “Brixton House Theater. Children’s Performance Space” – Volunteering at Built by Matt+Fiona, 2023.
  • “Urban Cultural Planning” – Researcher at Vilnius Tech University as part of the Interreg project, 2020-2021.



MA Information Experience Design // Experimental Design pathway
Royal College of Art, UK 2017 – 2019

BA Spatial Design // Exhibition Design pathway
University of the Arts London, UK 2014 – 2017



Contact me about projects:  [email protected]