Museum on a Bicycle


The Museum on a Bicycle is about bringing the stories of David Parr House to a wider public in Cambridge. It is a travelling museum designed with small, personal details in mind. Every element of the design tells a story of the house and aims to spark conversations and storytelling around it.

The bicycle communicates the various hidden elements of 186 Gwydir Street – a house like any other on the outside, but concealing an extraordinary interior world; holding stories from across decades, marks left by its inhabitants, hidden corners and secret compartments. The Museum on a Bicycle aims to engage public with these multilayered stories – and to encourage them to create their own.

In collaboration with design historian Laura Ridpath we have been commissioned to prototype the Museum on a Bicycle. By working closely with David Parr House we developed a multifunctional trolley that can be unfolded and used outdoor in family fun fairs, parks and streets but also can be brought indoors to present the museum to schools, care homes and community centers.

The design is inspired by Victorian unfolding features and secret compartments thus, the trolley is not only multifunctional but also preserves theatrical surprise element while unfolding recreating the experience of visiting the house that appears ordinary from the outside but hides an extraordinary interior once you step through the door.


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In collaboration with Laura Ridpath