Healing Wounds of Soul


The project explores European migration processes and their long-term consequences. Lithuanian local exhibition presents painful stories of Jewish women who left their families and joined partisan troops in the forests during WW2. Narratives are explored through survivors, their daughters, and granddaughters’ perspectives, emphasizing how traumatic experiences affect generations to come.

Sensitive content posed a challenge, especially presenting the travelling exhibition at schools for younger audiences. This was addressed by offering different levels of depth that let visitors decide whether they feel comfortable with listening to the most disquieting parts of the painful past.
Exhibition design aims to create a sense of intimacy and compassion towards the survivors while asking how we can create safe environments for women to share their stories and start the healing process.


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Pictures by Justinas Aukšelis (Vilnius University)

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Curators: Donata Armakauskaitė and Neringa Latvytė