German Street


The exhibition presents the history of German Street, where Vilnius Museum is located. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to childhood history: starting from toys that were found during archaeological excavations to more recent childhood memories of the street’s inhabitants.

Interactive area for kids and families encourages to learn about history through making and playing. Lithuanian childhood history has a long tradition of hand-made toys that were crafted by parents or children themselves. We invite visitors to construct and customise their own toys as well as learn the games that German Street inhabitants use to play in the 14th – 17th Centuries.

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Pictures by Ieva Šimkonytė

Exhibition curators: Martynas Jakulis, Viktorija Kurienė, Jurgita Verbickienė, Aelita Ambrulevičiūtė, Rasa Antanavičiūtė, Povilas Andrius Stepavičius