Inside the Sarcophagus: Studying the Mummies of Ancient Egypt


The exhibition presents the entire Egyptology collection of Lithuania for the first time. Visitors are invited to explore the history of Egyptology science starting from XIX Century travellers, black market and Egyptomania to nowadays modern non-invasive technologies.

As part of the exhibition team, I collaborated with curators and scientists to create interactive points in each gallery. Visitors are encouraged to participate in learning process by touching fabric used for mummification, smelling myrrh, listening to Egyptian gods telling their stories, hearing extracts from Lithuanian travellers’ diaries, or virtually unwrapping a mummy to learn what can be unveiled using modern technologies.

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Pictures by Norbert Tukaj / Gvidas Bindokas

Curators: Simona Matuzevičiutė and Vita Blažiūnienė

Graphic Designer: Edward Cornish

Illustrator: Aušra Kiudulaitė